So. Many. activities.

So much to do, so little time. ELITE GameCon is nonstop action all weekend long. Don't miss a single speaker, event, game, or tournament.


This is the spot to plan out your entire weekend at ELITE GameCon.


What's Featured At ELITE GAMECON


eSports tournaments poppin' all weekend long! Watch your favorite game and cheer on the competitors in the "ELITE eSports Arena".

Tabletop & TCG

Tabletop and TCG Realm is the go-to place for adventurers of all shapes and sizes. Meet up and game on!


Big city GameCon comes to Syracuse! Manufacturers, publishers, vendors, and so much more.

Artist Alley

Get the coolest stuff from collectables to one-of-a-kind pieces of art. Add to your collection or start a new one.

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hardcore gamers

Is gaming in your DNA? Do you dream of level-ups, loadouts, and DLCs? Well then welcome aboard gamer. You’re in the right place to connect with other gamers who take the deep dive into the gaming ecosystem to talk ideas, insights, gear, builds, and gameplay. Whether you’re building your latest rig or looking to match up against the ‘sweatiest’ players in our online tournaments, you’ve come to the right place.

Tabletop & TCG

So you’re into gathering around a table with your best friends into the wee hours of the night strategizing, laughing, and trash talking? So are we! Nothing is more personal and interactive than sitting across the table from your adversary plotting your next move for total domination. We invite you to bring your favorite game or deck of cards to ELITE GameCon to test your skills against other gamers who share your passion. We’ll have a whole tabletop & TCG area set aside for you with vendors, publishers, and plenty of tables and chairs.


We see you! Causal gamers make up a huge part of the gaming world and we’ve got nothing but love for ya. ELITE GameCon is all about immersing you in the amazing world of gaming that we love so much. Meet game publishers, try out the latest releases, shop for the newest gear, or listen in to one of our discussion groups. And don’t forget about the 7,000 seat "ELITE eSports Arena" where you can watch some of the best players on the planet compete head-to-head for huge $$$!