Based in Syracuse, NY, we’re a team of gamers and event pros bringing the big-city gamecon action to the Upstate area and beyond. Our mission is bigger than putting on a great event. We’re here to help the gaming community thrive by connecting gamers of all skill levels and interests through competition, fun, and brand-new experiences. So bring the whole family. We have something for everyone!

WHAT We're about

You shouldn’t have to go to Seattle or NYC for a world-class gamecon. ELITE GameCon is everything you expect from a top convention—from thrilling eSports battles to an Artist Alley—all while bringing the local flair.


Matt Guernsey


Matt is an entrepreneur and tech dominator. He brings 20 years of computer network systems integration and business administration to ELITE. His passion for video games began at an early age. Playing PC, console, and tabletop games. Matt is an aspiring Adirondack 46er and pilot.

Currently pwning folks in
PC: Starcraft
Console: COD
Tabletop: Root


Rob O'Connor


Rob is an avid gamer who spent way too much time in arcades growing up. He brings 20 years of event planning, design, and marketing to ELITE Gaming.


35 Years of Successful Event Operations

Their shared passion for gaming and community involvement are the driving forces for bringing the exciting world of gaming to Central New York.

The gaming ecosystem is one of the fastest-growing and changing industries in the world today. ELITE will be at the epicenter for gaming technology, internships, education, employment, tourism, and esports.

Welcome home.

Interested in your interests

hardcore gamers

Is gaming in your DNA? Do you dream of level-ups, loadouts, and DLCs? Well then...welcome aboard gamer! You’re in the right place to connect with other gamers who take the deep dive into the gaming ecosystem to talk ideas, insights, gear, builds, and gameplay. Whether you’re building your latest rig or looking to match up against the sweatiest players in our online tournaments, you’ve come to the right place.

Tabletop & TCG

So you’re into gathering around a table with your best friends into the wee hours of the night strategizing, laughing, and trash talking? So are we! Nothing is more personal and interactive than sitting across the table from your adversary plotting your next move for total domination. We invite you to bring your favorite game or deck of cards to ELITE GameCon to test your skills against other gamers who share your passion. We’ll have a whole tabletop & TCG area set aside for you with vendors, publishers, and plenty of tables and chairs!


We see you! Causal gamers make up a huge part of the gaming world and we’ve got nothing but love for ya. ELITE GameCon is all about immersing you in the amazing world of gaming that we love so much. Meet game publishers, try out the latest releases, shop for the newest gear, or listen in to one of our discussion groups. And don’t forget about the 7,000 seat "ELITE eSports Arena" where you can watch some of the best players on the planet compete head-to-head for huge $$$!



The marquee showpiece of ELITE GameCon, our tournaments will feature hundreds of competitors battling it out in the 7,000 seat "ELITE eSports Arena". Watch the best of the best compete head to head for bragging rights and big $$$. Compete in our qualifying tournaments to earn the right to get on the "Big Stage"!



From the Handheld Hangout to Artist Alley and Exhibit and Vendor Hall, there’s an endless list of experiences for hardcore gamers, casual gaming fans or anyone just looking for a good time. ELITE GameCon will immerse enthusiasts of all ages and abilities into the amazing world of gaming.



Our tabletop & TCG area is set up for players to make it their own. Whether you and your friends want to start a D&D Adventure League or a Pathfinder Society, be sure to stop by the arena for some tabletop fun. Bring your favorite game to challenge your friends ... and make new enemies.